Domain Name Sales Activity – 10th July to 23rd July

The last fortnight saw a great range of domains up for grabs, with over $20,000 secured from the sale of 6 premium names. Descriptive keywords were the names of choice, but a couple of these also doubled up as powerful acronyms.

Emerging as a clear winner and standout name, was registered for a total of $11,599.45.Often used in its shorthand format for the longer term intravenous therapy, “iv” is a fairly stable search term with modest levels of interest over time. A name of this variety would have significant appeal to end users in the medical profession, but also offers companies in a variety of other sectors an incredibly dominant and memorable name.

Next up, one of our regular domainers has secured With a price tag of $3,515.55, we believe the name has a strong application in the travel industry – particularly for a website dealing with holiday packages. Not only does the phrase tie in with a colloquial term for a holiday, but the name has unforgettable branding potential. All in all, the domain could easily notch up a return when it comes back to the resale market.

Our third highest selling domain was, which traded hands for $2,590.45. As another acronym name, “net” offers domainers and/or business owners’ considerable versatility. Search interest for the term has also been considerably high over the last five years, further building upon the fundamental value of the name.

We also had another short name offering good prospects in terms of branding. In this instance, the name was Search interest for this term has been steadily building over time, with more volatile movements on a weekly basis. That said, in keeping with the theme shared by other names in this report, “neat” is easy to remember and could be used by multiple stakeholders. For the low price of $2,254.95 the domain offers a lot of investment upside.

Also well suited for the travel sector, was acquired for $1,402.45. Although search interest for the term “luxe hotels” is still in its infancy, it’s one that is growing in popularity. The term is being used to market luxury accommodation, meaning its target market is one that would be looking to differentiate itself to win over high net worth customers. Given the nature of end users for such a domain, it would be quite conceivable that one or more users could be prepared to pay a premium to attain this name in the future.

Finally, our last name sold in the previous fortnight was The new registrant, Cobra Car Alarms, is a company which works in the security appliances space. With its direct association to the nature of its products, “shield” could also be marketed strongly through creative branding. A short name with impact also helps fulfil imagery when heard, a great trait for a domain that cost only $1,209.95.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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