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Domain Name Sales Activity – 12th September to 18th September

This edition of our premium domain name sales report involves four names that were acquired during the last week.

First up, and taking its place at the top of the highest selling domains for the week, was Selling on the 11th of September for $4,009.45, the domain now sits with Lee A. Gray and Associates Pty Ltd. The business is in fact a large, longstanding podiatry practice operating in the Western Australian suburb of Booragoon.

Currently, said business is trading as The Perth Foot and Ankle Clinic, using as its domain name. This new name however, will offer the business significant flexibility in terms of leads from keyword searches – something we’ll cover in one of our upcoming educational articles.

As a business, it’s always a sound idea to utilise geographic keywords, and it’s even better when you can incorporate the product or service you offer as well! Even if the owner chooses to retain the existing domain which is aligned with their trading name, this new name can point towards it and capture previously unrealised traffic.

Our next highest selling domain for the week ending 18th September was While the name speaks for itself, we shouldn’t overlook the memorable nature of the keyword. Not only is it short but it’s also based on a product. Google Trends analysis would appear to suggest the term has a stable search pattern, which means consistent leads. Accompanied by a modest Domain Authority score of 14, SEO practices and commercial use should see this rise pretty quickly. Having said that, the new registrant is a domain name investor no doubt looking to top the $3,227.35 they paid for it.

On the 13th of September we were involved in the sale of for $1,149.45.This was a business purchase picked up by G.L.G. Australia Pty Limited, a large NSW-based company who mainly deal with outdoor leisure products. While normally an abbreviated name like ‘bbqs’ could lead to a sense of confusion amongst customers who type the longer term, this is a commonly accepted local abbreviation. Furthermore, any confusion can be mitigated through a strong marketing campaign, particularly in the summer months where the trend suggests stronger web traffic.

Concluding our list, takes out fourth spot. Certainly one to join the list of unique names, the domain was purchased by Popcake International Pty Ltd. Now, if you’re like me, and wondering what popcake might be, it’s “the world’s first fully-automatic counter-top pancake making machine”. But it shouldn’t come as a surprise. The company has been operating for over 25 years and is located in a multitude of countries across the globe.

For its local operations, the company was previously using as its domain. A local domain will now avoid confusion with customer search queries, while also emphasising the nature of the business’ local operations – particularly since it was founded here! We always recommend you capture the major TLD variants of your name if you run an international business, and we’re glad to see that’s been put into practice here.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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