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Domain Name Sales Activity – 16th January to 29th January

In the last fortnight, we’ve seen a fast start to the year. Seven premium domain names were registered by our clients. After three and a half months without an acronym featuring on our list – quite an unusual absence – two acronyms emerged among the highest sellers, also joining the usual likes of descriptive names.

With a price tag of $7,049.85, was the number one seller in this edition of our report. The name was secured by Advent Private Capital Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s most experienced private equity firms based out of Melbourne with over 30 years history. The company was previously using a domain titled and has wasted little time in redirecting the address to the domain in question. With a shorter, simpler and more memorable alternative, the name will help mitigate confusion with a similarly named competitor and also help with direct-search rankings.

Turning our attention to the second highest selling name, and took out this spot with a price of $3,899.45. Another business purchase, the new registrant is The Trustee for The Waterman Family Trust. The trust oversees control of several businesses with the name waterman included in their title, suggesting the domain may well be used as an overarching registration for the controlling company, or perhaps assigned to a particular business.

Continuing the theme, and ACAD Services Pty Ltd secured their corresponding domain, The business, which provides technology consulting to corporate and government clients, paid $1,671.95 to land the name. With the strong marketing and branding benefits that accompany a company holding a name that aligns with its registered business name, ACAD Services has done well to attain the name at a price-point that represents great value for an acronym.

The next name to feature in our list is Sometimes the intended purpose of a domain is hard to judge from the nature of the name, as well as the registrant who acquires it – with this being one example. With that said, names of this nature can be useful from a branding perspective. They allow an end-user to prompt curiosity and discussion from its target audience with the unique and peculiar nature of the name. The name changed hands for $1,479.45.

Our list includes a domain, with making an appearance. After it was secured by a domainer for $1,457.45, the name is likely to be bolstered by the growing trend for remote work and collaboration. The descriptive nature of the name is also broad enough that it could be used by a variety of end users that interact with, or facilitate the work of virtual assistants.

The second acronym to feature among our standout performers is As a three letter acronym, premiums are often afforded to names for their short nature and versatility. As such, we were surprised to see the name change for as little as $1,369.45, with another company landing a corresponding name in DBI Design Pty Ltd. The company will benefit from a shorter name than, which will help avoid the potential loss of customer web traffic.

Last but not least, and registered for the same price than dbi was Descriptive service domains are often favoured by end users, and combined with a location strengthen their appeal among their target audience. Whether as an investment, or for business purposes, names like this often provide a return on investment within a short period of time.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team


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