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Domain Name Sales Activity – 17th April to 30th April (Part 1 of 2)

In what has become somewhat a norm of late, the last fortnight has seen everything running at breakneck speed. In fact, it’s been so busy over this period that once again we’ll bring you this sales report over the course of 2 parts. In total, there were 8 premium domain sales and this time the price range was quite notable. In part 1 we cover 4 of the domain names in question.

Making our way up from the bottom of this impressive list, the first name we are profiling is With an acquisition price of $1,149.45, the name edges into the ‘premium’ category with the support of an underlying trend in ecological movements and sustainable practices.

The descriptive keyword refers to ecological spaces that act as a habitat or sustainable place of living. Accordingly, the name has appeal to a broad range of applications concerning animals, ecological development, sustainable living practices, and much more. The name is also afforded value by way of its branding impact – a beneficial combination for a keyword name.

Up next is the keyword domain The name found itself the subject of attention from one of our previous customers who used a construction affiliated subsidiary to lock it in for $1,755.55. Servicing a market that is continually burgeoning, the name is of most appeal to equipment hiring businesses. As a descriptive keyword the name will benefit from an end user who incorporates SEO into their website, thus capturing relevant search traffic.

Our third name in this premium domain report is As one might predict, the name was picked up by a player within the property industry, Preview Property Services Pty Ltd. The domain was the subject of a price tag of $2,359.45, and is likely to appeal to the luxury accommodation sector within the tourism industry.

While the name might not typically be representative of something that would sell in this price range, it may well offer better prospects at accessing and securing lucrative sales opportunities – thereby affording it a premium. This is also supported by the geographically pointed nature of the keywords, meaning it could be leveraged to display ahead of similarly competing service providers.

Completing the first part of this sales report, the last name we’re featuring is The domain is yet another name which is benefiting from an underlying thematic, namely soaring house prices and record low interest rates. The transaction was worth $2,360.55. This name was snapped up by one of our regular clients who also picked up another name which features in this sales report.

As alluded to earlier, the industry has been growing for some time, and this is supported by Google Trends data which shows a modest uptick in search interest over the last 5 years. Suitable for a variety of financiers, lending institutes, and aggregator websites, a broad level of appeal among end users should help support the ongoing value of this name into the future.

Keep watching for Part 2 of this domain name sales report.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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