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Domain Name Sales Activity – 17th October to 6th November

During the past three weeks we witnessed one name join Netfleet’s list of top selling domains, while we also experienced a bumper day on the 4th of November with several high-profile names changing hands.

Starting with the big seller, was scooped up for a total sum of $55,049.45 (including GST and brokerage).The figure was enough to propel the name to third place among our highest selling domains of all time – and it’s certainly not out of place either! With such an iconic Australian name, the domain will certainly be easy for potential page visitors to remember. Furthermore, a name of this nature is easy to align with a strong local brand, which may even hold credibility and appeal in nearby countries (e.g. China). The new registrant is one of our regular customers, and an astute acquisition like this will only continue to increase in value for some time yet.

One of several names to capture the attention of a new registrant on the 4th of November, was registered for the total price of $6,886.95. The new registrant is Pretty Pollution Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based interactive agency undertaking all sorts of creative and digital marketing activity. Since the company currently use a longer domain titled, this new domain will offer a lot more impact in terms of branding, and should be easier for customers to remember (or at least avoid misspelling). All in all, with a high search volume for the term ‘pretty’, SEO optimisation is the next step to help convert this premium domain into a name that generates new business.

Next up, sold for $3,350.55 – also on the 4th of November. Secured by a QLD registered realty group, the name could flag a potential shift in strategic direction for the business or its owner – whether that be a subsidiary operation, or another pursuit altogether. Either way, with a societal shift towards mobile ways of working, outsourcing has become increasingly common and is likely to attract a growing web audience well into the future. If indeed the name is used for investment purposes, this market trend is also likely to support liquidity.

What list of domain sales would be complete without a three letter name? On this occasion, it was which sold for $2,973.25. The name has been registered by a private company for investment purposes, and with three letter names often afforded a higher intrinsic value due to their memorable nature and/or use as an acronym, this is one name that could allow its registrant to return a healthy profit.

Also making the cut was keyword-oriented domain – going to a NSW based company for $2,064.65. The name’s strength is underpinned by the fact that it can be used to support the sale of a service or a product, while a wider trend towards quality pet care provides an avenue for natural growth in web traffic. As either a business name or an investment, the name’s direct matching nature positions it suitably to attract interest from numerous stakeholders – customers, domainers and business owners alike.

Last but not least, was picked up by a WA-based trust. It’s not immediately clear whether the domain will be used for business purposes or treated as an investment. However, the name offers potential reputational benefits by way of the impression it gives customers regarding the business being a leader in its field. Ironically, the name itself offers strong branding appeal and settled for $1,699.45.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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