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Domain Name Sales Activity – 19th September to 25th September

Another week has seen Netfleet involved in the exchange of four premium domain names. This week saw a variety of names break the $1,000 mark – from keywords for services and products, to a short punchy name, and there was even a two letter name which changed hands. Here are the details.

Our highest selling domain for the week went to, which was acquired on the 22nd of September by a private domain name investor for the sum of $1,404.65. The investor in question has opted to park and advertise the domain for resale. With the short, recognisable and punchy nature of the name, it could be well suited among end users who operate within the design or fashion industries, and perhaps those with an emphasis towards arts and crafts.

Courtesy of a steady trend in terms of Google search traffic, and what appears to be an annual spike each mid-to-late May, having several target markets positions the new owner favourably to turn the domain for a profit.

In second place, was acquired by City Auto Pty Ltd for $1,369.45. In what appears to be another domain name investment, the name is also being advertised for sale. Two letter domains are not commonly available, however when they do sell, they tend to command a higher price due to the short nature of their name and use as an abbreviation. Whether “yx” will be able to fulfil this purpose remains to be seen, but we’ll be keeping an eye out.

Next up, one business owner was fortunate to scope out an ideal name for their business, securing The new owner in question is Pacific Building Services Pty Ltd, a construction company specialising in a wide scope of construction services and who provide building contractors for Sydney customers.

This is a complementary name with strong keywords that will either point to the company’s existing business, or stand alone as a separate website. Search traffic for the term “exterior painting” is fairly unpredictable, with traffic thus far coming from the eastern states – most prominently, Queensland. The domain was purchased for the modest sum of $1,259.45.

The last of the four premium domain names to sell during the week was Purchased by The Trustee for Rocket Records Trust, the domain has been activated straight away and points towards the associated business’ existing domain, As you may have guessed, Vinyl Destination’s primary business involves retail sales of vinyl LPs and records to the public.

The business notes a resurgence in the demand for vinyl records, and Google search trends back this up with a significant upwards trend across the last five years. The keyword domain is one that is sure to boost web traffic to the business’ website, and for $1,167.05, this could be one of those success stories we’ll hear more about in the future!

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team



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