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Domain Name Sales Activity – 27th February to 5th March

Another week has passed and our domain sales continue to come through thick and fast. In fact, recently we’ve experienced some of our strongest demand for premium domain names. This time, 6 high quality names were sold within the space of a week. was the top seller for the week, with the domain changing hands for a total sum of $1,897.45. We haven’t initially been able to establish what the new registrant might use the name for, and it currently remains parked with Netfleet. However, as with most acronym names, it’s fair to say this one has an underlying value derived from its short and versatile name.

With two domains sharing the next highest sale, one of our clients has made an effort to broaden their business domain portfolio. Both and were registered by Armstrong Legal for the price of $1,756.65 each. The registrant is a national law firm specialising in personal legal services, particularly with regards to family, criminal and traffic law matters.

Perhaps it was surprising then to see the firm miss out on attaining another related domain that was up for grabs in Instead, this was secured for the lower fee of $1,026.25 by an Australian domain name management firm. The domain currently resolves to a different legal firm, Oxford Lawyers, who operate in the same space as Armstrong Legal. This would suggest the company is a client of the domain manager, and emphasises the benefits that can arise from having a dedicated firm manage domain names on behalf of a company.

Meanwhile, each of these three names will serve their respective registrant by means of geographically targeted keywords. Each of these keywords are likely to be searched for by prospective clients of the law firms, which means that SEO integration will be an important aspect to help capture traffic and direct it back to the businesses primary domains.

Moving on, domain investments also featured among the activity from the last week, with registered by what appears to be a private domain company. With a price tag of $1,447.55, the domain has been set up to provide related links to all types of services and products concerning safes. This is customary action as part of domain monetisation. With a short, memorable name like this, the new registrant could capture some volume of search interest and click-through traffic.

Closing out the sales, is the last name we’ll detail in this week’s sales report. Registered by a separate business concerning property inspections and reporting systems, the safekids domain was the subject of a winning bid valued at $1,149.45. The name is already active and being used by Safe Kids Australia, a business that sells products which are designed to keep children safe from the likes of bullying, strangers and cyber threats. With a domain that aligns with the business name in question, consumers are more likely to recognise and take notice of the company’s marketing efforts.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team


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