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Domain Name Sales Activity – 27th March to 16th April (Part 1)

The last three weeks leading up to Easter were nothing short of a frenzy of activity for domainers and business owners. In this time, we saw 10 premium domain names sell for over the $1,000 threshold. While all the names were within a reasonably tight price range, the sales demonstrate the consistency in the quality of names Netfleet is able to bring its clients. Here are the details on 6 of the names in Part 1 of this 2-part edition of our premium domain sales report.

One of our clients spotted an opportunity to add 2 valuable names to their portfolio in and The names were acquired for $1,424.45 and $1,149.45 respectively. Sometimes it’s interesting to see how an owner utilises each name in a multi-domain acquisition – usually the names end up serving as investments. In this case, the Sydney name is currently directing to a page with related links, presumably for monetisation purposes – whether temporary or ongoing is not evident.

Interestingly however, the Melbourne affiliated name is linked with the aptly named Melbourne Yoga business. We’ve discussed previously how a domain linked with your business, and which also relates to a popular service can boost web traffic and increase business. On this basis, it is foreseeable that the Sydney name may have been bought with the foresight of an interstate expansion of the business.

The very specific name made its way onto our list, appearing to be snapped up by an IT solutions business on behalf of PremaLife Pty Limited for $1,314.45. It looks as though the name was previously utilised by an international business offering green technology in the agricultural and water remediation sector. While it’s not immediately apparent, judging from the fact the Plocher trademark has been cancelled, the domain name may have lapsed at some point – leading the way for its use by the wholesale natural medicine manufacturer and supplier.

Up next, was secured for $1,314.45. The name is a geographically targeted keyword for a service, thus offering a specific niche for the eventual end user. Although there might be a limited audience for the name, a crane hire operator would stand to outperform their peers in terms of web traffic if they secured a name like this.

One of the quirkier names we’ve seen for some time, features as a top seller given its $1,185.75 transaction value. The name redirects to the Bugaboo brand of baby strollers currently being sold via the website. In what is an innovative approach to direct mum and dads to the company’s website, using the name in this manner is likely to capture significant levels of local search traffic. This is evidence by the notable rise in web interest for the term ‘Bugaboo’ across the last 10 years. One potential trap for using the name in this manner concerns trademarks, however, as a reseller we can only assume arrangements have been made or clarified in this regard.

The last name we’re profiling in Part 1 of this report is As a domain that offers branding appeal due to its short and ambiguous name, the registration price of $1,014.45 represents fair value as an investment. As a peculiarity, web interest for the name has spiked considerably in October throughout recent years.

Keep watching for Part 2 of this domain name sales report, which we’ll release tomorrow.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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