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Domain Name Sales Activity – 27th March to 16th April (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this domain name sales report, we detail the top 4 selling names between the 27th of March and 16th of April.

With the top sale price, represented an astute acquisition by a Melbournian sole trader who paid $2,194.45 for the descriptive keyword name. Currently parked with Netfleet, the name has immediate and obvious appeal supporting a retailer of alcohol products. Alternatively, the name could be used by an aggregator site to compare or inform consumers about liquor stores closest to their location.

It’s no secret Australians love a drink or two. And with shoppers increasingly turning their attention online to purchase products, an online liquor domain could benefit from underlying growth in these trends. As an aside, Google Trends indicates a clear surge in interest for the search term “liquor store” around Christmas and Easter. As such, the registration comes at an interesting time when one might have expected the prior registrant to hold onto the name in the lead-up to Easter.

Following closely in second place, was picked up for $1,906.25. The new registrant is Equita Financial Services Pty Ltd, an information provider on financial services including insurance, investments, mortgages and superannuation. The term is at the lower end of the scale in terms of search interest, however this is not unexpected given the specialist nature of the information with which a name like this is likely to cover. We anticipate the name may be used in a spin-off business related to the registrant’s current activities, which again could take the form of an information provider.

Our next highest domain is, which is one of the more obvious descriptive names you could encounter. At first glance the name is a little restrictive in its application and also longer than ideal. However, it is a name that could be leveraged to gain an advantage within the granny flat market by a diligent operator who is well versed in SEO. The website is currently advertised for sale. Having changed hands for $1,534.45, we’ll be watching to see if the holder can recoup their costs and eke out a profit.

One of the names we like most from the recent list of sales is The name was registered for $1,528.95. This is a pricepoint we think represents fantastic value for a name that has considerable branding appeal. Not only is the name memorable and punchy, but it could be used in a broad number of applications. According to Google Trends, the word has enjoyed a significant increase in interest over time, ranking at the very top end of the scale at the 100 mark. As an investment, it’s our belief the new registrant has picked up one of the bargains of the year so far.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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