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Domain Name Sales Activity – 30th January to 12th February

As we rounded out January and began the new month, premium domain sales have shown little sign of slowing down. Following on from the seven names that featured in our last list, this time another four entrants found themselves the story of the last fortnight.

A standout winner and a fantastic name in its own right, was registered for a total of $7,309.45. Securing the name was a sole trader who currently operates, one of the nation’s most prominent suppliers for a range of custom made kitchens. Not only is this short acronym one of the most recognisable and memorable names possible, but it aligns with the company’s existing branding.

The name is also ambiguous enough to attract web traffic from customers not directly looking for kitchens, which provides an opportunity to reach new audiences. Australians are continually embracing DIY practices, corroborated by Google Trend which illustrates a steady increase in search interest over time. Looking at the site under construction, it appears the business may opt to expand its operations into other DIY-related areas such as bathrooms, wardrobes and blinds.

Another powerful name makes its way into the top results, with taking out the silver medal. The name is one that has a broad level of appeal, while also offering attractive branding prospects. A trust company for a digital product developer has acquired the name for $5,384.45, likely to be on behalf of one of its current or prospective clients. End users are most likely to include businesses that operate across a raft of services industries, as well as other customer-related businesses looking for a brand name with impact.

Next to feature, traded hands with a price of $1,149.95. This time it’s a little more difficult to see an immediate link between the registrant’s existing operations and the domain in question. However, reviewing the new domain it appears the name will be treated as an investment as it is currently parked with links to related advertisements. Potential end users for this domain may be financial services companies, or perhaps businesses focusing on other specific asset classes for investments such as property brokers.

The last name to feature was also taken out by a digital support services business. In this instance, the name in question is, with a price tag of $1,096.65 linked to the deal. As a descriptive name, the domain serves well in terms of advising prospective clients about the nature of the site. While a variety of end users could be interested in the name, the most appeal could very well come from retailers – perhaps best suited to a discount detailer who specialises in promotional products.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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