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Domain Name Sales Activity – 5th December to 18th December

With Christmas less than a week away, it would appear that a couple of our clients have secured themselves an early present in the form of some excellent domain names. As we noted in our last premium domain name sales report, the trend has again focused on keyword domains.

In this edition of our sales report, one of our clients was lucky enough to secure themselves two premium domain names. The registrant, a sole trader based in Sydney, was able to attain as well as In the case of the former, the name was registered for a final cost of $3,569.45. The latter of the two names sold for $1,809.45.

Both domains obviously possess strong appeal with their keyword emphasis, particularly for use among businesses within the furniture and design markets. Prospective customers who are searching for sofas or homeware(s) would likely turn to the internet as one of the first components of their decision making process, thus a strong domain name could certainly help a business capture additional web traffic.

While both names are in plural form, they are well positioned against similar peers because of their direct match with what they would likely advertise or sell. This makes them more memorable than the likes of other names which incorporate a secondary, less relevant phrase. The price discrepancy between the two names is likely to be attributed to the differing length of the names, whereby is favoured because of its shorter status – additionally, it’s also easier to spell than homewares.

The third name we are featuring from the last fortnight of sales is Rather ironically, this also fits in with the theme of the other two names, but was secured by a different registrant. The private owner, a domain name investor, landed the domain for the total sum of $1,713.75.

Likely to be on-sold to a business who trade in this area, most of the search interest for this term comes from Western Australia – followed by the Northern Territory, Queensland and South Australia. Although perhaps longer than one would envisage the length of an ‘ideal’ domain name, its keyword status will speak to the ever increasing number of Australians who are taking on renovations or DIY projects in their own home.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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