Domain Name Sales Activity – 12th June to 9th July

The start of a new financial year has brought a few buyers out of the traps, after the weeks leading up to the end of the previous financial year were subdued in terms of activity. Nonetheless, 4 premium domain names were recently sold for above $1k. As always, we bring to you our thoughts and observations on these sales.

It was a three letter acronym which topped the leading sellers. The name was, which was registered for a total price of $3,211.95. In what appears to be a very business savvy purchase, the name has been acquired by Regional Management Group. The company is “an organisation of engineers, project managers and business advisors offering a broad range of professional services, focusing on developing prosperity and capability of regional communities”.

In its current operations, the business has been using the lengthier domain, Not only has this name been potentially inhibiting direct type-in web traffic, but you’ll also notice it’s not a localised domain either. As the business targets regional communities in Australia, it is likely the .com address has led to confusion among those who saw the company among Google search results. Now with two TLDs, and a more memorable domain name which still aligns with the business, Regional Management Group should be able to better target its key audience.

Our next highest selling domain is a name with considerable branding appeal. Secured for the final sum of $2,909.45, offers a unique mix of personality and functionality. On the one hand, the domain appeals and targets ‘tradies’, a colloquialism that’s become engrained in everyday Australian culture – and one that is as commonly used as the formal terms.

What’s more, the name targets this segment in an expansive way, with no geographical restriction and across the wider trade industry. Nevertheless, the domain indicates functionality through its search prospects, as indicated by the use of the word ‘find’. To an end user who intends to offer a search engine, or a listing site for advertisements, the name could represent value by way of its ability to generate passive income.

We have another three letter acronym in this edition of our sales report courtesy of As we’ve detailed previously, shorter acronyms offer a highly desirable level of versatility. Not only can they service end users who operate a company name that aligns with the letters, but they may also be used as a short hand abbreviation for common terms or euphuisms. Accordingly, with this versatility wrapped up in a memorable manner, the domain has enhanced liquidity and value – helping explain the price tag of $2,799.45. One purpose we could envisage a name like this being used for is a consumer advocacy and rights group, perhaps with a trading name like ‘To Be Fair’.

Last but not least is the descriptive service domain, We had a sole trader pick up this name for $1,323.25 as a domain investment. Given our national obsession with travelling, as represented by the significantly high search interest for the term in local Google searches, a name like this would appeal to several insurance companies operating in the travel sector. Underpinned by likely demand from large scale end users, a descriptive nature, and consistent search interest, we expect it’s only a matter of time before someone comes knocking to make enquiries to acquire this name from our registrant.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team

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