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Introducing IP Neighbourhood

“Now anyone can perform due diligence on domain names and registrants, as well as protect their intellectual property.”  says founder of IP Neighbourhood, Simon Johnson.

IP Neighbourhood is a professional research suite containing 18 new tools to assist buyers and sellers alike.

This week at Netfleet, we have identified our favourite 6 tools within the IP Neighbourhood suite and present some of the key benefits to your business.

1. Domain Due Diligence

  • To validate statistics provided by the seller when you are looking to purchase a domain or website
  • Multiple trust metrics help you determine link quality to safely assess how the domain or website was previously used thereby eliminating issues eminating from artificial or farmed backlinks
  • For sellers, the tool offers extensive stats on page rank and organic pages listed in search engines. As higher ranking sites may require less ongoing SEO investment, the domain or website may command a higher selling price. This information can also be made transparent to your client

2.  Auction Intelligence

  • Shows full purchase and transfer information combined with a full whois history at various time intervals
  • View historical whois records including Registration, Admin and Technical contacts
  • Shows multiple search functions and shows trends in domain name acquisitions

3. Domain Name Management

  • Saves you time by allowing you to manage all of your domain names and websites in one place
  • Gives you total visability of your portfolio

  4. Aftermarkets & Auctions

  •   Integration with multiple marketplaces and auction websites
  •   Sophisticated SEARCH function and visibility of advance metrics all on one screen

5. Expired Domains

  • 60,000 + new expired domain names added daily *
  • Allows you to quickly identify domains in your chosen market

6. New Domains

  • Identify trends, discover emerging markets and track competitors in .com, .net and .org as the tool monitors new Domain Name registrations
  • Allows you to perform defensive Domain Name registrations

* Note that the tools work for Next week, we will unveil another 6 tools within the IP Neighbourhood suite to enhance your domaining experience.

In the meantime, if you’d like to know more go to the website.

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