We Have A Winner!

We are delighted to announce that we have a winner in our competition to win $2,000 with Netfleet.    Two weeks ago we set the challenge – guess the number of domains sold through Netfleet to win $2,000 in Snapper Auction credit:


We had huge interest in the competition – including some weird and wonderful and often amusing entries – ranging from 0 domains, up to  the dizzy heights of 600,000 domains!

We want to thank everyone who entered.   It was surprising how many of you were so close, however there can be only one winner.    Two people guessed the same number of domains, however one was submitted first, and as per our rules, takes the prize.

So to refresh your memory the question was:

How many domains has Netfleet.com.au sold since it’s launch in July 2008?

And the answer is………… 20,763 domains!

And the winner is…………. Morgan Payne with a superb guess just one hour from launching of 21,000 on 23rd April 13:54 via Twitter!

Thanks again to all that entered, better luck next time, and congratulations Morgan!


The Netfleet Team

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