Brilliant News: Your domain names just got a lot more valuable at Netfleet

We have some brilliant news to share. Thanks to a significant new development in Netfleet, the value of
your domain names is set to reach new highs!

Netfleet has been awarded a registrar accreditation by the peak Australian domain name body – the auDA,
bringing exciting new benefits to all Netfleet domain traders.

Domain name owners will get much higher returns on the sale of their domains.

Our top domain name investors have told us that the hassle and delays in organising transfer
of ownership, discourages them from buying domains owned by third parties.

Now, thanks to Netfleet’s auDA accreditation, you can attract top domain name investors to
buy your domains, by promising them instant transfer of ownership.

Top domain name buyers will no longer suffer with frustrating delays and
complexities of buying third party owned domains. Instant transfer of title is guaranteed.

You’ll be entitled to add your domain names to our massively popular daily
auction, with a Reserve price.
Sell domains quickly- at Reserve Auction or under a Buy Now agreement.

Domain name buyers can buy your domain names with full confidence.

We’ve complied with the demands of our top domain investors for instant transfer of title.

They can own the domain name title within minutes of buying it.

They will not have to follow complex procedures. No hold-ups.

How do you leverage the benefits of this exciting

Boost the value of your domain names by moving them to Netfleet. We’ll take full charge of your domain name renewal and administration.

Transferring domains to Netfleet is quick, easy and doesn’t cost a thing.

You retain full control of your domain information. Edit for free.

Any of your existing websites or emails will not be affected by the transfer.

When your domains become due for renewal, we promise the lowest renewal
price in the market -no hidden charges.

Start transferring now.Login to your Netfleet account using the below link and follow the quick steps to transfer your domains to Netfleet


It will only take seconds.

Australia’s No 1 domain name trading platform

With Netfleet, you know you are trading with the specialists. More Australian traders choose
Netfleet everyday. We’re proudly Australian owned and operated.

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The Netfleet Team


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