Manage Your Portfolio With Netfleet

Another exciting development has finally been rolled out for Netfleet, and we can now fully manage your domain name portfolios.

We have long been a reseller of domain names, providing drop/catch technology and registration services, however now we are delighted to manage your domain portfolios directly within

Amongst the various features, you can now register domains, manage domains (name servers, contacts etc), renew domains, transfer domain to and from Netfleet, and perform automated change of registant (ownership changes).

So, the important things.  What do our services cost:

1. Domain Registration – $49.95 inc GST (for 2 years)

2. Domain Renewal – $18.43 inc GST (this is for 2 years and this is wholesale price – we do not make a cent)

3. Change Of Registrant – $18.43 inc GST (again, this is wholesale price – we do not make a cent and it includes 2 years registration)

We will update all again soon after a short period of running in beta.   We hope you enjoy our new services


The Netfleet Team

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