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We have been busy the last few months redesigning the site, and happy to say, at long last, we are now nearing completion. We are aiming to roll out Netfleet version 3 on October 31st, and with it many exciting new changes to how you can buy and sell domains with Netfleet.

The fundamental processes behind buying and selling domains will remain the same, however we are now putting a large focus on retail, end user buyers. The current site can appear intimidating to first time visitors, which has been the main driver for our refresh, so whilst we have continued to grow, and more domain sales than ever are getting over the line, we really want to carry forward this trend and make the site more appealing, easier and friendly to our retail clients.

So what’s in store for

Well, for one, here is a sneak preview of the new design for our home page:

We hope you like it!   Obviously it’s hard to get a proper feel for the new look, until we launch, but hopefully this gives you an indication of where we are trying to head.

Probably the biggest change to Netfleet that we are rolling out, is the amalgamation of our auction platforms.  Currently Snapper Auctions Australia, Snapper Auctions New Zealand, and Aftermarket Auctions are all in independent auctions, and Standard Catalogue Listings again fall in to their own separate area.   With the new design, we will merge all these platforms together in to the one auction, or as in the case of Standard Catalogue Listings, separated by specific views.

This means you just need to hit one URL for access to every domain for sale on  This focuses buyers in to the one area, rather than ping ponging around the site.  All auctions will end at exactly the same time – 2pm AEDT (1pm AEST) – so for that critical final 10 minutes of an auction, I expect we will experience quite a show.

To standardise the auction platforms, we will remove extended bidding from Aftermarket Auction domains.   We will also be lowering the starting bids for Aftermarket Auctions to $10 – to align with the other auctioned domains.

To keep things consistent for newcomers to the site, we will be adding a “Buyer’s Premium” to all domain names of $49.95.  For expired domains, this essentially replaces our cost of registration of the domain, which is currently $49.95.   For clients selling domains via auction or as standard catalogue listings, this will cover an administration fee (managing funds/support) and the Change of Registrant fee.

Due to popular demand, we will also see the return of the push to auction feature – where sellers will have the option of pushing a standard catalogue listing domain straight to auction, using the current bid price as the starting bid/reserve.   This is an excellent option for increasing bid activity on the domain name.

We will also be putting expired domains up for auction and available for bids as soon as they appear on the Official Domain Drop List, meaning you will have between 24-48 hours to bid on ‘naturally’ expired domain names, and in the case of pendingDelete domains, you could have up to 14 days.

So, we hope this has been interesting, and we will be in touch with any updates or developments over the next two weeks.

Best wishes,

The Netfleet Team

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  1. Reuben

    Some excellent improvements to Netfleet, well done guys!

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