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Domain Name Sales Activity – 13th February to 26th February

The momentum continues from our last premium domain name sales report, with 5 names making an appearance in this edition. Descriptive keyword domains and acronyms make up all of those which feature, highlighting once again the underlying demand for domain names of this nature.

With an exchange price of $3,074.45, was our highest selling domain from the last fortnight. The name was secured by a domain investment company, who also scooped up one of the other names to feature on our list. The name is likely to appeal to end users who are involved within the retailing of mattresses. Thus, with a target keyword included in its name, as well as a geographically pointed domain, the domain could attract notable web traffic if aligned with an SEO optimised website.

Skipping down the list for a moment, and it’s easy to see why the same owner opted for This name was acquired for the slightly lower value of $2,249.45, however, the owner is well positioned in that they are able to offer the two domains as a bundle to prospective end users. As with the aforementioned name, this one will service a targeted market, and captures traffic from an alternative search flow.

Slotting in between these two names was the acronym domain The name was secured for the modest value of $2,425.45. Considering the surge of activity for P2P accommodation provider AirBnB, this name could look to leverage the increasing trend towards bed and breakfast accommodation options. Alternatively, the name could appeal to those who intend to use it as an acronym for their business and make their website easier to find for customers. Accordingly, there would certainly be a lot of keen eyes monitoring this name if it were to be on-sold in the future.

Another acronym caught the attention a high profile client, with registered for $1,897.45. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the new holder of the name is the Liberal National Party. Given they already own the .org equivalent, naturally this was the next step for the party to protect its branding. Currently, with a .org domain, some web users may have difficulty finding the site because the TLD is generally less known about. Thus, capturing an additional TLD will help capture an abundance of previously ‘lost’ web traffic.

Our fifth and final name is, which was the subject of a transaction worth $1,040.55. Securing the name was a related business, Pty Ltd. Given the similar aspects these two names share within the same industry, it is foreseeable that the name could be used as either a replacement or supplementary service for the company. With the value of the name driven by its informative keywords, users who search for retaining walls are likely to see this domain as one of the leading search results – provided the new registrant capitalises on the name with strong SEO.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

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