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Domain Name Sales Activity – 19th December to 15th January

We’re back from the Christmas holidays and excited for another year of domain name developments. In 2016, Netfleet achieved several new records and intend to build on this momentum throughout 2017. Our clients also shared in this success with us last year, securing several high profile names along the way. If the last few weeks are anything to go by, domainers and businesses have a lot to look forward to.

Our highest selling domain from the last four weeks was The name fetched a total sum of $16,549.45, with its value derived from the nature of the name – one where descriptive keywords are used to inform potential customers about the service offered by the website.

While the new registrant is an investment business, we’re not surprised to see that said business is connected to a truck retailer, financier and parts supplier located in Geelong. While there could be significant value in such a name being used by the business, there is also merit for the owner to resell the name – as the current webpage would seem to suggest.

Next to join the list of high achievers, recently sold for an eye-catching figure of $5,549.45. Currently parked with Netfleet, the new registrant has a collection of various web businesses ranging from insurance services, to hotel operations. One of the more unique names, this name is most appropriate for a niche segment – one area that stands out is among building suppliers

Our list for this edition features a .net domain, with making an appearance as the third highest selling domain from the last four weeks. The name was secured for $4,449.45. Although .net domains typically don’t provide the same liquidity as their .com equivalents, a short, memorable name with a call-to-action is still highly likely to be invaluable for an end user. In this instance, with the word ‘send’ offering value-added connotations across a wide range of industries and functions, its underlying value is supported by strong demand.

Domain name investments were certainly the flavour of the month, with attained for investment purposes. Being a descriptive domain, the name has some inherent value, also reinforced by its memorable nature. As with, the name has a variety of potential applications and will appeal to numerous end users. At $1,699.45, there could be a tidy profit in this one for the new registrant.

The last name we’re profiling in this report is, which was secured by a sole trader for $1,359.55. While technically a keyword name, the strongest feature of the domain is in fact its brand appeal. It offers end users a short, memorable and punchy name, which could be tied into a marketing campaign with ease. Accordingly, at this price the name represents a very astute acquisition.

That’s it for this occasion, stay tuned for the latest updates in our next post.

Best wishes,
The Netfleet Team


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