Major Netfleet Website Changes

As you can probably see has changed! We’ve been working hard on pushing the site to the next level, adding extra features and pages, and completely overhauling the Members Area.

We’ve decided to implement a lot of PHP and AJAX calls in the Members Area, which in a nutshell means you need to have javascript turned on.  We researched the number of users who have javascript turned off, and worldwide the percentage was just 5%, and out of our Netfleet users, we were happy to note that nobody we’ve recorded has javascript turned off.  Good for you – you’ll be able to appreciate all the changes we’ve made!

Ok, enough about javascript.  We have introduced two new top level sections – News and Contact Us. However, we are most excited about the Members Area.  In summary, we have made it easier for small and large domain name portfolio owners to manage their listings on Netfleet.

Listing Expiry Dates – RIP.  We have got rid of the constraint of listing expiry dates, and now all listings will remain on Netfleet until you have sold them, or removed them.  To make sure that every listing gets equal exposure, we have introduced a rotation system within each category.  This means all listings rotate at least once within a 60 day period (the default order they appear in their category).  All being said, we are introducing a Featured Auctions category, whereby the highest bidder wins.  If you are interesting in submitting a domain name to be included in our Featured Auctions category, please register your interest by contacting us.

Unique Views and Netfleet Rank (NR) – To add extra attributes to each listing, we have introduced Unique Views and Netfleet Rank (NR).  The Unqiue Views indicates the number of, you guessed it, unique views each listing has received on Netfleet.  NR is very much still in Beta, and is being tweaked all the time, however is intended to provide an indication only of a domain names “presence on the web”.  NR is open ended, as such there is no limit (it is not a scale of 1-10 for example), and the higher the NR, the better.  NR takes in numerous factors, such as Google/Yahoo/MSN (Live) ratings, rankings and links, age, competitiveness and much more.  We cannot stress enough that this is still in Beta mode, and should not be used to base your justification for acquiring a domain name – it is hopefully a helping hand though.

Offer/Counter Offer System and More – We have ripped apart the offer and counter offer system, and now users can keep track of each offer or counter offer made, and negotiate with individual users directly, whilst remaining anonymous.  We have added numerous different banners, feeds and media for you to use, to promote and advertise your listings, and increase the number of potential offers your receive.

And there’s plenty more there – check it out for yourself.  As ever, we would love to hear your feedback on the new format.


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