New Pricing from 1st August 2014

Effective from 1st August we will introducing a new fee schedule for domain registrations, renewal and change of registrant at Netfleet. We will be implementing a differential pricing structure dependant on the number of domain names per account that are managed by Netfleet as the registrar.

The structure will be as follows (all prices are for 2 years registration, and inclusive of GST):

Number of Domains

Price per Domain

1 domain


2 – 5 domains


6 – 15 domains


16 – 25 domains


26 – 40 domains


41 – 60 domains


Over 60 domains


For example, if you have 26 domains under management with Netfleet, your pricing for .au domain names will be $31.95.

As you can see, the more domain names you have with us, the cheaper the price will be – even as low as $21.95 which is
still among the lowest price available for .au registrations, renewals or ownership change.

Differential pricing will get applied once a week on Friday – meaning if you add domain names to Netfleet and join a new,
cheaper bracket, the pricing will get applied to your account on the following Friday. The number of domains is counted on
an individual account basis, and cannot be combined with other accounts.

Please note, this will not change the current Buyers Premium when purchasing domain names in either our expired auctions,
or through the Domain Catalogue.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Thank you
The Netfleet Team

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