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Site-wide reset of Offers in Domain Catalogue over 6 months old

In response to requests from some of our major sellers and in one of our initiatives to increase the aftermarket sales within the BUY NOW (Domain Catalogue) area of Netfleet, we have recently reset all offers and counter offers on domain names for which no activity has occurred within the past 6 months.

Netfleet Archived bids

The new look for Netfleet offer history

The reset has already been activated so there is no need for you to change anything within your portfolio of domain names for sale.

All of the historical data is still listed beside the domain name under “archive” so that both the seller and buyers can see the history.

How this will assist your sales

Let’s face it, if a domain name has had no activity in the offer / counter offer process for 6+ months, the buyer is either no longer interested in the counter offer or their original offer was indeed their highest amount.

Before we introduced this site-wide reset, future buyers could not offer anything below the current highest offer. Now, after a period of 6 months inactivity, either the same buyer or new buyers can recommence the offer process.

You may, of course, continue to counter offer as before and hope that either your old buyer has had a change of mind or that there is a new buyer in the market OR you can reduce your counter offers to meet the market demand as proven by the earlier stages of offer / counter-offer.

How often is the process updated?

Netfleet run this process daily so depending on the size of your portfolio, you may see resets on a daily basis.

New Notification process

In line with this new initiative, we will also be sending a notification to the last “offerer” or “counter offerer” depending on where the process stalled.

If the buyer or the seller (again, depending on the status of the process), is still interested the email will serve to remind them of the purchase process that they simply may have forgotten to complete.

Netfleet will be introducing many new initiatives to improve the performance and the outcomes of the “Domains for Sale” platform.

Is there anything in particular that you personally would like to see in the process? Please let me know.






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