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As the demand for Australian domain names continues to grow, the availability of quality domain names to register become less and so many people look to buy domain names instead. More people are looking to the domain aftermarket to buy domains for their new business, or to build on their existing. Don't settle for second best - buy a premium domain name on Netfleet now and reignite your online presence today.

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We run daily domain auctions on Netfleet every single day of the year - even Christmas Day. Our daily auction always ends at 1pm AEST - you can always see how long left you have from the count down clock at the top of the page on the site. Snap up a bargain in our domain auctions by clicking the Auction tab above, but hurry, the clock is ticking.

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Domain Catalogue Catalogue (Domains for sale)

Our Catalogue listings are unlike auctions in that they do not have an end date. You can secure buying the domain by clicking the Buy Now button on catalogue domains, which will mark the domain as sold to you, ahead of your competitors. Alternatively, you can submit your strongest offer and wait for the seller to either accept the offer, or submit a counter offer to you.

Thousands of premium catalogue domains are ready to buy now. Be there first.

Auction Backorders

This is a service to backorder domain names that are already registered.
This is not a service to register available domain names.

Leverage the immense potential of keyword laden generic domains.

Exact match domain names give out a strong relevance signal, leading to significantly higher click through rates

Keywords and phrases in the domain name makes for an ideal link - easier to remember and extremely valuable when shared on other sites or forums.

Recall for keyword rich URLs is very high hence generic domain names provide a good launching pad for new websites and microsites.

Owning exact match generic domains for your clients can be an expensive proposition. So grab them now, when the prices are low. The more competitive the keywords get, the higher the domain name value will be, adding more $$$ to your bottom line. Be the first to know when the best generic domains are up for grabs. Sign up for Auction Alert.

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